May 2nd, 2007


Spring cleaning / DUCK!

11.43:41 PM

That was unpleasant. I gotta to learn to duck (warning: kinda gross - do not click if squeamish).

Just as well, I gotta clean up. A friend rang me:

Her: Spring cleaning, eh? I wanna do that too. BTW, so many people are single these days, a friend called me yesterday to tell me that he and his girl just split up.
Me: Well, two friends of mine just got into relationships and someone I know just got back with an ex. But I think it's two sides of the same coin: spring cleaning.

Something about spring makes you wanna examine your stuff. The spring light sharpens things dull from the winter. You can see what's worth working on and what's gotta go. Doesn't matter if they're comic books, handbags or relationships.

Last spring was terrible for me.

This spring, things are looking much better.

Excuse the mess - it's I'm still a work in progress.

1:02:23 AM
Music: if you're gonna do it do it right do it with me
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