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Friday, April 13th, 2007

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Hole / Working through a few things
2:58:32 AM

I can't believe no one sent me soup.

Despite my better judgment, I just walked in the door from a night with the guys. I took the long walk home to clear my head and sober me up. I got in at 2AM on Monday and now 3AM on Thursday.

I'm turning 34 next week, I've gotta stop with these mid-week late nights. Then again, I don't really work but that's neither here nor there.

So, here I am in front of my computer trying to get some things done and my thoughts drift.

I'm feeling philosophical, what with the volume of chemicals in my system. As I said before, all of life's problems can be traced to health, wealth or relationships. We all have holes in our worlds that go through one of those routes.

Now, I've got a hole in all three. I'm trying to fill them as best I can but they seem un-fillable, sometimes. Timing.

Speaking of which, another girl and I were orbiting back in December. We never got together back then because of my situation and I ended up with someone else. Now - well, now, I've got a new situation on my mind. She's nice enough but I'm trying to clear my head.

Her: Hey, I heard you're seeing someone.
Me: I was. Past tense.
Her: Oh, well...that's too bad. Not that it's related (laugh) but, you free for lunch this weekend?
Me: (pause) I'd love to but I think I'm sick. I'm also...working through a few things.
Her: (sigh) Yeah...you're always working through a few things.

Yeah...I'm always working through a few things.

3:34:22 AM
Music: if it's all the same to you I love you oh so well Like a kid loves candy
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