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Sunday, April 8th, 2007

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1:20:53 PM

Today is Easter and I should be off to church but I'm not feeling well. I'll try to make the evening service. Easter is all about renewal and I could use some right now.

It's my own fault for not feeling well; I went out last night with my brother and friends, mainly because things are going on with me that I'm trying to sort out. Too much to go into now and I'm in no condition to elucidate but I will. I always do. So last night, I both bent time and caught a cold.

Ooooh, my aching head.

In the meanwhile, Rain and I shot another teaser for the other night - we'll be archiving them at: www.72canal.com.

I'm back to fixing mode with my life but all is good OK.

::fix, fix, fix::

1:55:22 PM
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Current Mood: thoughtful

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