March 23rd, 2007


Thinking Pink

6:06:16 PM

I had a busy but good day yesterday. A friend of mine and I are arguing constantly but somehow we always manage to work things out, or at least push our mutual hatred below the surface where I'm sure it'll explode someday in a newspaper-worthy fashion.

I thought about my ex recently because I got a package of stuff from her.

It's funny, I never think of her any more.

I'm traveling again. I'll be here today and then back home tonight. I used to go to cool places like Berlin, Macao and Beijing. Now, it's...Lockport, NY. Eh, it pays the bills. Plus it's nice to be elsewhere.

In other news, my friend put up this list of 13 things I didn't know about him (I do his No. 7 even now). This brings the number of people that have done the meme to seven people. What about you? SEE UPDATE BELOW

Finally, somone asked me how I was so I'm putting up this pic of me. I think I'm gaining weight. It's because I'm in a good mood.

I know you'll wonder, so the answer is because I'm secure in my manhood. Plus, it's all BJE has that I can wear when I stop by the few times I see her.

They're comfy.

7:35:11 AM

UPDATE 20070324 01:45AM 20070326 08:05:23AM
Actually, we're up to seven eight people! No Identity and Eye-Love each put up 25 things about herself.

For No Identity, I particularly like 1, 7 and 25 and I'm with Eye-Love on 7, 14, and 23. And to the ladies who gave me the kind comments, where were you all when I was in Jr. high school/high school/college/grad school/post grad/eight months ago?

Just my luck.

But...thanks. =)
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