March 6th, 2007



6:12:23 PM

My day started off at 5AM when my windows flew open because of the wind, freaked the snot out of me, and dumped my bed with dirt.

Sitting there in the dark covered with debris in the howling wind, I thought, Yeah, sure, that's about right.

And that's the thing about my life: the misery bits are layered with the ridiculous bits.

Case-in-point: Blue eyes loved Mac & Cheese so I went out and bought a freezer full of various types because, well...ok, I have no explanation. I just did.

Ergo, my last five meals have all had something to do with mac & cheese (eg: mac & cheese with a sandwich, mac & cheese with soup - you get the point).

Since I'm counting, my last four dates/relationships were with pescetarians from New Jersey.

Note to self: Stop dating pescetarians from New Jersey.

Time to microwave dinner. Wonder what's on the menu...

6:50:15 PM
Music: she takes my breath away Pretending that she don't miss me
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