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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

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Laugh it up
8:17:16 AM

I went to a comedy club recently. Had to take my mind off my life.

It was good, it included Gabriel Iglesias from Last Comic Standing, who was great.

But what a scam - basically, it's a $20 cover, two drink minimum ($24) with an automatic 18% gratuity. For two people with just a plate of appetizers, it worked out to be $150.

Counting cab rides, subway rides, and daily miscellany, the day would have easily been $200+.

All I can say is, man, there's no quicker way to go broke than just trying to entertain yourself in the big city so that you don't go postal.

That's why I spend Sunday through Thursday eating cold sandwiches and drinking tap water.

Mmm...tap water...

8:45:33 AM
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