January 25th, 2007



12:18:22 PM

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I saw my ex the other day. We split up our mobile plan; so comically modern - it's today's equivelant of signing divorce papers for domestic partners.

It would be funny if it...well...if it just weren't.

Not one kind word was spoken by either of us. Not one.

She looks like the woman I once loved; I'm sure I looked like the man she once loved. But we're both not; just shells that can't even manage to smile.

The above pic summaries perfectly her sentiment as to what went wrong. Who am I to disagree? I know what I am.

When we broke up, I ate my bones and chewed on my heart. Then I had leftovers for @#%^&$! months.

I've been seeing a few people; I had drinks with someone just last night. But there's this one girl with eyes like faded jeans that I can't get out of my head - even last night.

I finished those leftovers months ago; I'm ready for something new.

1:10:19 PM
Music: Someday you're going to get hungry and eat most of the words you just said
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