January 18th, 2007


Clear Blue Skies

8:54:55 AM

My mind's still on the funeral. It's made me pensive and sappy.

I have no death wish - far from it. I have a master plan to live until I'm 100. But the plans of mice and men...

What I think about is whether or not I'll get to find out if my father is right or wrong.

My father, you see, believes me in. I don't know why, especially in light of my dismal track record in just about...well, everything. Yet, he thinks that I am capable of things I don't think I am.

He always says, The race is long, one day you'll fly.

Maybe he's just like every other dad in the world. Maybe he really believes it.

I like to think he believes it.

That's the real reason I don't just pack up and leave to Beijing, Berlin or someplace where no one knows me, you know?

Because it would be nice if I could prove him right.

It would be nice if I could fly.

9:45:23 AM

Music: So, all alone I keep the wolves at bay
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