January 11th, 2007


I gotta talk to you

2:22:32 PM

Me: I'll just get to the point - you're gonna be REALLY mad in about 30 seconds.
 Him: Why? What'd you do now?
Me: Did you see that episode of The Office where Michael accidentally sends an email to the wrong person?
 Him: Oh god...
Me: Well, I forwarded those pics you asked for and my accompanying comments to X.
 Him: How do you screw that up?!?!? My name is spelled nothing like her's.
Me: Yeah, I did it though. I'm really sorry.
 Him: ...
Me: Hello? You're really mad, right?
 Him: What makes you think that? Because, while I'm working like a dog for coin, you're dismantling my social life brick-by-brick? No, I'm not mad. Listen, you gotta take the train down here right now.
Me: Uh...sure. Why?
 Him: Because I need to strangle you. Don't wear a turtleneck.

2:45:21 PM
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