January 9th, 2007



4:34:32 PM

Personal space runs from 18" to four feet from your body to another person.

In NYC, that number is probably two feet from you body. That would mean that your personal space is a 13 square-foot circle around you.

So in the past number of weeks, I've learned that three of my friends are involved in "secret" relationships, not with each other, where people don't know that they're involved. Two are women, one is a man.

Why would any self-respecting person want to be with something that isn't proud to say, Yeah she's with me?

That, and premium ice cubes, is just about the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

I say, you're entitled to your 13 square-foot circle.
I say, take up your damn space in the world - in fact take up more.
I say, if you don't think you deserve it, you don't.

Me, I'm expanding.

Premium ice cubes...what a crock...

5:06:12 PM
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