December 7th, 2006


On your knees

10:34:39 AM

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2 Samuel 12:22 tells of when: David had a kid with his buddy's wife, killed said buddy, pissed off God, God took David's son.

Now here's why I like the story: David's a wreck while the kid is sick; David won't eat, won't sleep, etc. But when the kid finally dies, he picks himself up and begins to live his life again.

When asked why he was such a wreck when the kid was alive but much better when the kid dies, David goes, "When the kid was alive, there was hope that he would live - that God would be gracious to me. But He was not and I can't change what's passed. My son can't come back to me but I can go to him."

At times, Life brings you to your knees.

Those phone calls you never want to get:
  • "It's about your younger brother..."
  • "I'm sorry to have to tell you..."
  • "I thought it best that I be the one to tell you..."
I've been brought to my knees twice in my life. I'm lucky because it was only twice.

I'm dreading the next time.

I thought about this because I went to a wake yesterday. It was my second third funeral experience; sadly, I'm sure they'll be more.

Today is also the 65th and last official anniversary gathering of the Pearl Harbor veterans. And I've also been keeping up with the story of CNET editor James Kim; he wasn't there when I was there but still...

Despite all the ugliness, we move through life with a balance of hope and acceptance.

We have to.

11:50:44 AM
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