December 5th, 2006


Sticks and stones

5:29:36 PM

I had a phenomenal day on Sunday but here's the problem with being all by your lonely - I had no one to tell. It kinda takes away from the greatness of that day (in a nutshell, we started shooting our sitcom that day and it exceed all of our expectations).

Last night, I did have some drinks with a new friend (just friends, it's complicated) and she mentioned that she went through a bout of depression. I dug a bit more and she confided that it was not a simple case of the blues.

She's beyond smart, beyond attractive, beyond wealthy and beyond together but she said that she felt ugly and unaccomplished and I can't tell you how ridiculous that is.

So ridiculous, in fact, that it made me feel better about my own situation(s).

I had some recent meanness that came my way from some surprising sources, but also some recent kindness that came from equally surprising sources (such as the above and three offers to stay over from my retorical last post - clearly they have not been reading my blog closely).

It's the little throwaway lines that you never think affects people that totally do - for good or bad.

My grade school teachers got it totally wrong: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will break my heart into a million sad little pieces and keep me up all night knitting the damn thing back together.

But they may just save me someday too.

7:07:12 PM
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