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Proprioception / Do we have more than five senses?

Bar in midtown, NYC

Her: Well, every human has the same five senses, so...
Me: Actually, humans have a lot more than five senses, we have like 24.
Her: Why do you have to be that guy, Logan?
Me: (shrugging) You got a lotta time to read and think when no one wants to hang out with you.

As you read this, think of the tip of your right pinky finger.

You know which one that is, without looking at it. In fact, you know that your right pinky finger is not, by any means, your left index finger. You can know this without looking at either or touching either. This is called proprioception and is our ability to sense the different parts of our body in relation to each other.

Think that what causes mosta the brokenness around us is the inability for people to be empathetic; that is to say, to know the relation of ourselves to others around us.

I've got like a dozen friends that have birthdays coming up. Came to the realization that the ones that're the happiest're the ones that have that strong sense of empathy; the miserable ones're the ones that look from the inside, out versus from the outside, in.

It's the bendy versus the broken.

Said it before, one does good things not to save the world but to save ourselves.

Anywho, we can add this to our growing lista things that have the air of truth to them, but really have no truth to them at all.


Just for kicks, here are some more of the many other senses we have:
  • Spatial perception due to sound - If you hear a sound in the distance, you know if it's near or far. This is different than hearing sine you can tell is a the growl of a lion is right next to you or several yards away - a useful trick when we were all hunter/gatherers.
  • Hunger and thirst - two more senses separate from all the others
  • Time - you know, without looking at your watch/mobile, that I've just wasted some five minutes of your life you'll never get back.
For that last one, you're quite welcome.

Music: with the restoration I'm running on my feet, I never stumble as I'm falling
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