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Tragedies fulla joy

The Empire State Building

Now, where was I?

At my peak, had about 500 daily readers. Down to maybe a quarter of that now. A bit discouraging but there's no one to blame but myself. Should spend a little more time on fixing up this here blog.

So, expect some changes and some missed posts here and there as I try a few things?


Thanks for all the well wishes. There really isn't a happily ever after, y'know? Children believe that. Adults believe what this fella Bernard Malamud said - that Life is a tragedy full of joy.

Y'hold on past the tragedy for the next wavea joy. And be grateful for the joy.


Speakinga children, do y'remember the old Aesop's fable about the mouse and the lion?

Today's Mother Teresa's bday. A few months back here in NYC, there was a controversy cause the owners of the Empire State Building refused to light their building blue and white for her birthday, which made somea the local government - the city council - upset.

After all, they did change the colours for the Simpsons and Popeye, why not a woman who gave her life helping the less lucky, yeah?

Fast forward to this week when the owners needed help from - you guessed it - the city council to block a new rival building from competing with it two blocks away. The vote was 47-to-1 allowing the building to go up.

See what happens when y'don't pay attention in grade school?

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YASYCTAI: Always be polite, firm, and fair. People may not always like you, but they'll respect you. (time/2 pts)
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