logan607 (logan607) wrote,

Summer days

Summer night in the Village, NYC

Summer's my traditional busy season.

Yesterday, woke up to crank on two client assignments when onea my tenants called and told me that a light on a 15 ft ceiling burned out. For reasons I can't get into, hadta be the one to change it so in the middle of the workday, sweating up a storm, I'm perched on a rickety scaffolding thinking, This is totally how I'm gonna get my ticket punched.

Then I dash downtown to drop off some work and pick up some checks. Then go to meet my uncle and the President of the largest bank of some medium-sized nation.

Gotta mention that my uncle's the equivalent of Allen Greenspan for this country but - to me - he's just my uncle Jimmy. So here I am in this huge office on Wall Street with my uncle and two others and they're all treating my uncle like a rock star.

Funny, how we all have our three lives, yeah?

Dash off to the office, deal with some clients.

Then off to a networking event to hear Scott Belsky talk and pound some rum. Then off to pick up some tech equipment at Best Buy and home at 10PM.

Summmer's my busy season. Just wish it weren't so damn hot.


auf Deutsch: Tor!
English: Yeah, baby!

US Flag

Go USA. That is all.

Music: walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head
YASYCTAI: Consider moonlighting in something. Extra dough's always good. (time/3 pts)
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