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Perfect Week

How to make it in America picture - (c) someone else

Slipped outta an office this past Friday for drinks with the fellas. On the train, a girlie reads the page I'm on over my shoulder. When I'm done, without a word, hand it over to her and her dude.

Her boy makes a comment about the station so I ask them if they're from around the way.

Him: (laughs) Yeah. Just kinda hard to see the station names.
Me: The next stop's Astor.
Him: Thanks. (pause) Hey, did y'get to the TV reviews yet?
Me: Coming up. (turn pages)
Her: That's you! (excitedly pointing)
Him (grinning sheepishly) Yeah, that's me. I got a new show out called, How to make it in America.
Me: No kidd'n! My girl and I were just talking about it. That's you? (peer at the picture).
Her: Yes, he's Ian Edelman.
Him: (laughs)
Me: Niiice. I'll watch it.
Him: Willya? That'd be great. I'd really appreciate it.
Me: You got it, man. Sunday, right?
Him: Sunday. Yeah, I hope you watch it.

He's a native New Yorker. Gotta tell you, the jerks I meet're usually not natives. They're usually someone from Nowheresville trying to prove something. Natives, we got nuthin to prove. Sure, that's a blanket prejudice but it's what I've seen.

Anyhow, super nice fella. Didn't seem the least bit fake and sounded hopeful that I'd we'd watch his show. So, for being a humble, nice native, he gets a plug here with me and alla yous.


Met up with Paul and WM afterward. WM almost had the perfect week; Paul, the opposite.

Given enough time, y'get to see your friends hit their highs and lows. Ecclesiastics 9:11 goes, time and chance happeneth to them all. Yep.

Stumbled home and saw the girl on St. Vals, when we ordered in and watched Public Enemies.

Saw the rents for Chinese New Year and got my fill of some home cooking.

Maybe not the perfect week per WM but my kinda week: family, friends, girl, and a good story to tell.

Music: every time I snap my fingers, I switch back into the light
YASYCTAI: Organize your picture files (hours/2 pts)
Tags: chance, dialogue, family, friends
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