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Still (sorta) Goal-Oriented

girl in a cat costume hula hooping in Central Park
Back to our regularly scheduled nonsense. Told y'about the pic above, yeah?

Him: Can I tell y'something?
Me: Y'know me, I'm a vault. Nuthin you've ever told me in a decade's ever come out.
Him: (sarcastically) Yeah right, what about that time you got hammered on Scotch and you told everyone about...wait a sec, that was me.
Me: Sheyeah...

Ran around Chinatown today and stopped by Rain's. He and I're somewhat unique in that we both got enormous NYC pads despite, or perhaps resulting in, our never having any coin.

Now he's got dogs now running all over the joint. Not a dog person myself. Not an animal person in general - unless they're slow roasting with some lemon and salt. Kidding! (sorta)

Y'know, this book Animals Make Us Human says that all animals are wired to feel four emotions - three negative and one positive. They wanna avoid:
  1. pain
  2. fear; and
  3. panic; but they desire
  4. a goal. Any goal.
Cattle, apparently, are pretty happy cause they got all four.

Think we're the same way. Said it before, the purpose of life is to have purpose. Realized tonight that my best friend was missing having a goal and that was getting to her.

Back to Rain, we (sorta) got a new goal - pitched him another non-income producing art project along the lines of Bachelor Cooking and 72nd to Canal - and he seemed to be pretty positive about it.

Lemme piece something together and we'll see what happens.


Also in the book is that, apparently, we never know what cats're thinking cause they don't have eyebrows.

Music: Comment faire verrai-je un jour la fin de ce calvaire
YASYCTAI: What are your goals for the day? Week? Month? Year? (60 mins/2 pts)
Tags: bachelor cooking, central park, dialogue, discussion
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