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A basketball court on a NYC rooftop

: Realized why I don't wear flip-flops out. Think it's cause when I was a kid, I used to and then when the other kids tried to beat me up, couldn't run away fast enough.
Her: (immediately) Oh don't worry, I'll protect you now.

Went drinking with Nadi and Paul at his pad this past Saturday. Quite something when you start drinking at 5PM and call it a night at 10.

Things have been pretty good these days; clients're slowly coming out of the woodwork. Been busy lately, not so must busy with coin production so much as busy with preparation for coin production.

Eh, tomayto, tomahto...


Him: Gonna have the talk with her today, wish us luck.

Got no fewer than four friends that've had the SOOR (Status Of Our Relationship) talk.

Two got their walking papers, one got conditional employment, one got a permanent position - though, really, all good relationships're temp-to-perm at some point, yeah?

Think maybe that's why I was upset with onea my friends. Cause I felt like he already filled the position with some imaginary person and was just stringing the contestant along. But he says he wasn't and he's an honest fellow.

Frank Sinatra had this song I heard once where he said something like, doesn't matter if you're the dumper or the dumpee, sucks either way. Or not.


Me: Can't do it, my finger's broken.
Him: (rolling eyes) Somethings always broken on you...

Lost my health insurance. This means no wrestling for me for now.

Still gonna fence though - grown men stabbing each other with pointy things, what could go wrong there?

Logan Lo, by Nadya Rockefeller
(c) Nadya Rockefeller
Music: been looking for something else. Duel it
YASYCTAI: Help me find that Frank Sinatra song! (60 mins/1 pt)
Tags: dating, dialogue, goodbye, quote

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