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Broken but un-roasted

A metro station in Washington DC

Her: (looking at tourists) They're not getting the full New York City experience.
Me: How so?
Her: They're going to go home and tell everyone, "New York City's so pleasant in the summertime."

For years, told people that NY only has three seasons: Fall, Winter and Summer. I'm the kinda guy where it can be 80 degrees and I'm melting. Going down the subway's like descending into Dante's Inferno; Seventh Circle at least - Ninth if it's Times Square.

In short: Summer's not kind to me. Usually. This summer, though, with most days in July between 70-80 (21-26C) degrees and low humidity, been happy as a clam.

A cool, un-roasted, clam.


Saw the sneak preview of Funny People. Was...funny, but every single joke a was a penis joke. Plus it was 220 minutes cause it was a sneak preview.

220 minutes of penis jokes wears thin. Both my date and I were bored after an hour.

Like I said, crass is only so funny; don't get me wrong, it was funny. Just coulda been tighter, shorter, faster, better.

EDIT: If you're an AMEX user and want two free tix, click here. Y'might like it better than I did.


Evidently, I've dislocated my middle finger while wrestling. Popped it back a bit later. It was...unpleasant.

Gotta go to the doc. Again. It's amazing I've lasted as long as I have considering how clumsy I am.

I'd show you it but that'd mean I'd have to give you the middle finger.

Yes, it's come to this: middle finger jokes.

Music: bruising knees, Hot July ain't good to me
YASYCTAI: Have you seen a sneak preview before? If you're in NYC, get tickets in front of the 66th Street Lowes most Wednesdays around 3. (5 mins/0.5 pts)
Tags: clumsy, dialogue
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