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10,000 Outliers

The moon against the blue sky in New York City

As I said, just finished reading Outliers. One very interesting point is that to be truly, truly skilled at something, you have to do something for 10,000 hours. Not cause someone makes you, but cause you wanna. 20 hours a week, say 50 weeks in a year, that's about ten years.

Started this blog for a number of reasons. Onea which is to just write every day for public consumption. Cause when you write for public consumption, your writing's gotta to be better. Least it should be (see: Twitter/Facebook).

Not saying my writing is actually good but it's the process. Been distracted from the process for the past year or so causa the theft and my business. But now maybe I'm back on track.

Me: I'm calling to say, Thank you. For letting me out of the lease. I'm just curious as to why you did. Last time, had to go to court and it was painful.
Him: (shrugging) Figured that with the market being like it is, you'd call me eventually. But you could have withheld rent or whatever, but you didn't. And you always kept your word - you don't know how many people tell me the check's in the mail and it never is. Your checks were. (pause) Plus I know about what happened to you. You deserved better than having that bitch screw you. So...I'm cutting you a break.
Me: (nodding) Thanks. I do appreciate it.
Him: No problem, Logan. I'll send some business your way when I can. You're a good guy. (holds out his hand) Good luck.

I'm finally out. I'm free. Took me less than the 36 months I thought it would. Broke, but free.

Deep breath. 10,000 hours. I'll be 46. OK, I'm game...


...and I finished my thesis...

...and I has new toof.

Music: Heartgirl singing in Spanish
YASYCTAI: 10,000 hours. That's what it takes to be the best at something. Whaddya wanna be the best at? (600,000 mins/100 pts)
Tags: dialogue, hope, malcom gladwell, outliers, story, troubles
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