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New York Skyline

Was shopping recently with a friend when I got a surprise coupon - y'didn't know how much off you got until you got up to the register. Between 5 and 50%. Just gave it to my friend since I'm sans scratch.

Her: Because I could only use one, I thought about your luck. With your luck, your coupon probably was really valuable since you gave away.
Me: And?
Her: 40% off - the guy at the counter hadn't seen one before.
Me: (sighing) Of course not.

And my building was recently jacked. Not my pad, which is good, however, as condo president and onea the guys that runs the place, I'm out more coin than the guy that got robbed.

And I got hit with a yet another court hearing. Plus a bevy of other things you wouldn't believe if I told you.

On the plus side, I've been working on this thesis thingy for the past 24 months - almost to the day. Finally figured out this problem that was bugging me for five months. Turned out to be a formatting error. A stupid formatting error. Wanted to both hit something and jump for joy when I found it.

I got the kinda luck where I spend a dollar to win a dollar.

Some people're damned. Me? I swear I'm darned.

Music: been wondering why It's only me
YASYCTAI: Try eating a new type of food entirely. Like Bangladeshi. (15 mins/1 pts)
Tags: dialogue, disappointed
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