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Christmas Loot

Christmas tree at Lincoln Center

: I like how we are. Let's see which one of us screws it up first. (thinking) I hope it's you.
Heartgirl: (laughing) Really? Why?
Holidays're hard for the newly lonely. This is the first Xmas my mother's ever had where she didn't speak to her ma.

Mom: I keep thinking that she's at home, waiting for me to call her. And I call her. (sighs) But she'll never pick up...(trails off)
On a happier topic, got some nice loot this Xmas. My family got me a DROBO - my sister also got me utensils. HEI sent me an Xmas card and I got a Gluehwein mug from the Frieseur Frau alla way from Germany (I'll take a pic of it soon). And Heartgirl's mom made me somea my favourite foods, plus got me some clothes. Think I grinned from ear-to-ear.

As for Heartgirl, she got me stuff too. And she wrote me a letter. Loved alla the gifts but, if I had to pick one, had to say that her letter was my favourite one. For a lotta reasons but mainly cause she thinks I'm a good guy - that I got integrity.

Someone once told me that you got integrity when you're the same person by yourself as you are in public. Since I'm 24/7 nerd, that sounds about right.

I don't ever wanna make her regret sending me that letter, y'know?

Me: Yeah. Cause if you screw it up, I'd think, Whaddyagonnado? And go back to my life. Cause whaddyagonnado? (pause) But if I screw this up, I'd hate myself. For a very long time.


2008's almost over. Got one more post in me for the year. Come back Wednesday cause I've not fully figured out how to say it just yet. But I'm getting there.

Plus, if you wanna get me something, get me more readers. Started this blog cause I had an idea, you see...

Music: been traveling all around the world Waiting for you to come
YASYCTAI: Tell me how to get more readers. (10 mins/0.5 pts)
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