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Saw my parents the other day and my mom was still outta sorts. So she picked herself up a hula-hoop. Said that she hadn't used one in like 40 years. But she's proud cause she can do it like 200 times. Gotta say, I was impressed.

As I write this, she's singing What A Wonderful World in the other room. I smile cause she's getting better and shut off the TV to listen.


Read all the comments from my last post and Sarcasticserum said that I have my own little internet cheering section. That made me laugh.

S'fair trade: I give the you spectacle of my ridiculous life and you sit and read. A comment or two couldn't hurt.

Still, what's more boring than a non-womanizing, womanizer? But, hope you stick around anyway. Cause it's always the supporting cast that really makes the show worth watching living.

Hazel: Good luck, Logan. I'm hoping that whatever you have with Heartgirl is...exactly what you want it to be. (pause) You should put away my toothbrush. You need to make room for hers.

Blue: I wish you were my person...mostly because I want to meet him already. But if you're not my person, maybe you're my people. It's hard finding good people.

You can never have enough good people. And it's worth going through all the hoops to find them.

Thanks for reading and being on my side.

Music: on the faces of people going by I see friends
YASYCTAI: Speaking of supporting cast, remember my buddy that told me about the tasteful nude photos - well he's a designer by trade, read his design blog at www.rickywong.com. (1 min/0.5 pts)
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