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whoo-hoo? / YASYCTAI

I'll be in LA in December or January helping a relative settle in.
Him: I left my job. Moving out to Cali.
Me: !
Him: ?
Me: whoo-hoo?
Him: Whoo-hoo!

Come to the conclusion that I need at least 84% more Whoo-Hoo! in my life. Got outta work at 19:30 today. No joy. Have a new client called King Happy Shrimp Rice, Ltd. Really. Just came in from fencing. Think I tore my ACL. Also, no joy.

That aside, I've been averaging about 18% Whoo-Hoo!, M-Thr, about 60% on Fridays, 90% on Saturdays and 60% on Sundays.

And even my Saturday Whoo-Hoo! is never consistent. Well, it is - just never in a good way:

Me: 22.
Her: (surprised) That's right. How did you know?
Me: Call it a gift. (thinking) Luckily for you, tonight I don't care. My name's Logan, and you are...?

*YASYCTAI: Donate those clothes y'said you would. Reward yourself with a nice beverage. (90 mins/2 pts)
* Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It

Music: Oh, yeah. It`s business time. It`s business time.
Tags: dialogue, single life

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