logan607 (logan607) wrote,

We know...

Me: Wait, did I make a pass at you the other night?
Her: (thinking) No.
Me: (relived) Thank goodness...
Her: I know!

Meet a pretty German girl Monday night on the way home. Woulda asked for her info but, as I said, I'm distracted. Naja, I say, angenehm...tschüss.

Get home, shower and run out the door to meet up with LisaV. We're supposed to go to a church function but she can't get outta work so we meet up at Mooncake Diner. It's packed so we bounce to Excellent Pork Chop House for take out and head back to her place where her roommate's painting. We inhale it all over conversation and a glass table. Surprisingly, it's actually excellent.

Head out to meet up with an old friend but we can't coordinate so I swing by Rain's for some scotch. A photoshoot's going on with some models so I take a few pics of them and his new canine friend before taking the long walk home.

Tuesday? Tuesday was a whole 'nother story.

Too many faces and places in my head.
Some I wish would stay away.
Some I wish would stay this way.
With my luck, the ones I want to stay will go.
And the ones I want to go...we know...

Music: And now I'm never gonna get to sleep
Tags: dialogue, long walk home, new york city, nyc, random meetings, writing
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