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Monday, October 10th, 2011
9:10 am - Gone Fish'n (from LJ)
Logan Lo in Paris

I've gone fish'n, at least from LJ. It's time, I think. I'll still read your posts but will only post at loganlo.com.

Will you come with me? Or we can be friends on Facebook.

If you come along, I promise you a whole lotta nuthin. So business as usual, yeah?

See you there...

Music: What are we here for? Who makes the decision?
For every beginning there must come an end.
I want to thank you honey for that all you've given. I want to thank you.
I want to thank you for being my friend.

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current mood: sad
Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
8:59 am - My dull life / The Real F-Word
Wall Street subway station stop, downtown New York City NYC

Spent the day yesterday trying to track down a leak in my building that was causing a mini-waterfall in my lower bathroom. Stressful.

Water's the single biggest danger in a small apartment building but finding the causesa water leaks are Sherlockian adventures. Traced it to a clogged main drain somewhere between the first and second floors. Waiting for the plumber now.

Also, despite my best efforts, may end up the condo president again. It's like the mafia. For serious.

Before that adventure began, broiled a flank steak for dinner last night. Never really ever broiled anything cause we didn't have a working broiler until last year. Gotta say, it's probably the easiest way to cook a steak. May never go back to any other way.

Reading this, realized how dull my life's become.

Thank goodness.


Seeing as how I rarely curse, rather enjoyed this.

And it's totally true, it's a offensive thing to have famine in this day and age.

Music: Talking bout if you had love
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current mood: insanely busy

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011
9:07 am - Glutton for punishment
Lobster and oysters on the half-shell in downtown New York City NYC

Went out with a buddy to a banquet with lobster and oysters on the half-shell. For some reason, tend to drink Old Fashions there insteada my usual rum. Got raunchily ill the next day and through the weekend; felt like my innards were doing somersaults. Did manage to head over to the gym to wrestle but not without rushing to the restroom in the middle of the class.

Speakinga wrestling, WM came by to practice some fencing and then we hopped into his whip to head over to the boogie-down Bronx to check out my buddy's first MMA match. He did phenomenally, dominating the guy at every position from every point - despite the guy outweighing him. It's parta why I enjoy my class so much: we emphasize skill overcoming violence versus violence for violence's sake.

In other news, work's gotten busy again, in contrast to the usual summer slowdown, so that means hustling all over the map.

Finally feel well enough to have some coffee. Wish me luck.

Grappling bout in the Bronx NYC

Music: Doesn't everybody deserve to have the good life?
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current mood: weak

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Monday, September 26th, 2011
7:55 am - Getting heated in NYC
Glass of rum at Salute, New York City NYC

Him: I should drop you right here.
Me: OK.

There was a major flood in my area this weekend so traffic was routed in fronta my pad. This huge truck started blasting it's horn like crazy in the early AM so I went out to ask him to stop.

Got pretty heated pretty quick and this guy just charged out of his truck at me. Think he expected me to run or something. Unlike last time, however, Heartgirl wasn't around to remind me that I'm not 20 anymore. Per usual, told him that just cause I didn't wanna fight, didn't mean I wouldn't.

The thing is that I can deal with loudmouths and a fair fight. What I can't brook is a coward. This guy was plenty brave in his truck but less so outta it. Anywho, it ended up with him just doing a lotta shouting and then walking away.

HG told me I shoulda just called the number emblazoned on the side of his truck, which in hindsight woulda been the smart thing to do.

Man! Hate losing my cool. It's embarrassing - how mucha my past I bring with me to my future. Even after all this time. Thought I outgrew this long ago.

Him: (walking away) If I wasn't working, I'd kill you.
Me: Yeah, y'keep telling yourself that. Maybe you'll believe it. I think you're just a coward. (admin note: not actually the word I used).

Coffee at the DTA Down Town Association New York City NYC

Been meeting up with friends and clients downtown for breakfast a lot these days at a private club. It's nice having a civilized cup of coffee undisturbed with the morning paper.

My buddy who owns my pad with me's talking about selling it someday soon. Move out to the burbs and live a quiet life, if I'm lucky. But I'll miss the little tings like this the most.

Suppose the honking horns and random chances of violence will be less missed.

Music: You remind me of a reason had by someone so many years ago
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current mood: disappointed

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
12:01 am - Dean Martin and the Street Where You Live

Eve: Sing it to me.
Adam: (softly, saying it as much as singing it) "All at once am I several stories high knowing I'm on the street where you live." It's about a young man who is overjoyed just to be standing in front of the house of the person he loves.

Everybody likes Frank Sinatra. Not me; much preferred Dean Martin. Gotta say that his version of On the Street Where You Live is my favourite. Thought about it today after running all over the city.

Got home first, from a pretty busy day. Was up at 4AM. Dashed out to a breakfast at the Benjamin Steak House with a buncha lawyers. Nice group save for one fella who just seemed like he was in a sour mood. Found him annoying; he was the only one.

In any case, had the Eggs Benedict before hoofing it to the office. Caught a train out to Queens to another office, a haircut, lunch at the rents, another appointment at the old NY Sun offices before catching another train.

Made it back home just in time to hear her unlock the door.


Like Eggs Benedicts cause my egg poaching's not worth a damn and my Hollandaise sauce breaks enough times for me to just want someone to do it for me.

If I get enough time, gonna try and make Chicken and 40 Cloves of Garlic. Love fall. Get to cook again.

Sculpture in NYC

Music: People stop and state; they don't bother me.
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current mood: sleepy

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Monday, September 19th, 2011
8:48 am - That the North Americans speak English
View of New York City's City Hall from Chinatown NYC

Him: I'm unemployed and live at home again. How's this good?
Me: You have a college education, speak English, live in New York City, and were lucky enough to be born here. (gently) You're doing better than mosta the world.

A quote that's stayed with me my entire life's from Otto von Bismark towards the end of his life. He was asked what he felt would be the most significant shaping event of the 20th century.

Rather than replying that it would be electricity, or firepower, or any of that, he said simply, That the North Americans speak English.

Speakinga which, there's this interesting theory that parta why English, not French, is the world's dominant language is causea barnacles on ships. See, the English plated the hulls of their ships with copper, which stopped barnacles from growing. This meant they could move just slightly faster than French ships that had none.

The French lost control of the seas, England became the a superpower by the 19th century, and I'm more Bugs Bunny than Pepe le Pew.

A fella recently asked me how I get so much done in my life. Thought immediately about the barnacle story. Cause big things happen with slight changes in trajectory. What's a small change today can make a huge difference later on.

As a fat 13 year-old, decided to drink a cuppa water before each meal. A slight change. Lost like 10 pounds that year. Then changed over to skim milk, lost another few pounds. Always tell people that I look young causea a combo of Asian genes and constant maintenance.

Anywho, back to my friend. He wants to know how to get things done. Told him that it's all about fighting the inertia. He's super talented but he's held hostage by the fact he's good enough. And good enough is enemy of great.

There's no one huge leap from good enough to great, just lotsa little steps - your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to take those little steps.

On that note, it's a busy week for me. Nuthin big. Just lotsa little things. Let's see what happens.

Music: thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be
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current mood: cheerful

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
9:29 am - A Lecture then Drinks in the Down Town Association
Outside of the DTA in NYC

Gave a long presentation on an aspect of the law called Trademark Dilution last night. The actual speaking went fine - the problem was the forum (a) didn't have a clock and (b) didn't have a referee. So I had no idea how much time I had until some guy popped up and mouthed "five minutes."

Looked down and I still had six slides to go through with the real meat of the lecture. So ran through that the best I could. The thing with letting go of control of something is that y'gotta have faith that the people that're then in charge of that thing do what they need to on their end. It was good, not great.

Afterward, met up with two of my friends at this place called the Down Town Association. It's a oak paneled club that members get to show up at and relax in old leather chairs and glasses of whiskey.

The thing about NYC's that every nice place, you're shoulder-to-shoulder with another 1,000 people cause it's a nice place. So that's why it occasionally worth it to join things like the DTA - to get some civilization and some space.

No aged rum though, so I had an Old Fashioned. Two actually - before dashing off to my fencing class late.

There's nuthin like waving around sharp objects with cheese and alcohol in your belly and annoyance in your soul.

Inside of the Down Town Association in NYC

Music: 3 versions of this story: mine and yours and then the truth
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current mood: mildly annoyed

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Monday, September 12th, 2011
8:59 am - Mussels in a white-wine reduction > Powerpoint presentation
Mussels in white wine sauce

Wrote this long thing about my 9/11/2001 but I'm not in the mood yet to post it. Maybe next year?

That's all I'll say on the topic to spare you the 9/11 overload.


Been prepping for another lecture; this one I'm giving downtown in front of a lotta US attorneys tomorrow. Should really post somea the videos when I'm done but then I figured it'd just put you to sleep.

HG and I went on two dates recently, both at nice local taverns - PJ Clarke's and PD O'Hurley's. No particular reason, the weather's just cooled down enough so that going outside is bearable. Reminded us of when we were still dating. New York City's a bit wasted on us since we're so blase to it. Trying to fight that.

Dunno if I ever told you, but I don't cook in the summertime. Almost not at all. Too hot.

But the weather's cooled down lots so I made some mussels in a white wine reduction - was trying to recreate a dish we both had and enjoyed on onea our dates.

It was good, not great. Too much alcohol left in the pot gave it a bit too much sting in the backa the throat. Did reduce down the sauce after we had alla the mussels the next day; poured it on some angel hair pasta and it was killer.

Will have to make more soon.

Will have to make more soon. For now, though, gotta make a Powerpoint presentation. Not nearly as much fun.

Music: just different faces, different names, get me out of here
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current mood: hopeful

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
9:10 am - It's been a decade since 9/11
Midtown West of New York City from the river

Causea the vacation last month, plus the hurricane and Labor Day, things have been slow. Actually, alla summer's traditionally slow for me so it's when I map out my trajectory for following year.

As I said, all businesses are comprised of three parts so I like the use the downtime to concentrate on the other two (sales/marketing & research/development). More on that some other time.

Yesterday, though, was running around Staten Island for work. Stopped by the Brooklyn Ikea on the way home to pick up some cabinets; HG's a lot neater than me so I feel I've got to step up and get my stuff in order. Spent far more time yesterday pounding together funny flat boxes than reasonable.

Evidently, there's this theory that obesity is contagious, which I coulda told you - your friends're mirrors to yourself so if you've got friends that love to pound food, chances are you do as well, or will. Think that HG's a good influence on me in a number of aspects, neatness being just onea of those things.

Part of the reason you cut friends is to make room for the one's that're better for you.

Other friends you keep around for years, decades, even.

Speakinga decades, Sunday's September 11th. Ten years, it's been. There're all these memorials and constant news clips whatnot. Which I understand, especially for those that were too young to not know what happened.

Thing is that I remember every goddamned minute of that goddamned morning. Suspect mosta my fellow New Yorkers do as well.

Ten years. Man, it feels like it was yesterday.

This video was shot on 9/7/2011.

Music: I'll always love you though New York, New York, New York
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current mood: pensive

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
8:58 am - Stupid on different subjects
Street lamp in Byrant Park, in NYC

Me: Niggardly is a Scottish word meaning "cheap."
Him: Nope, it's Scandinavian. (gets dictionary)
Me: Dammit! I hate being wrong...

The weather's been great in the city since Irene. Calm, cool, dry - it actually feels a lot more like early fall than anything else. Suppose I should enjoy it.

No time to do that today, though. Gotta be in court - although this time it's not for me but a client. When it comes to court cases and clients, I usually play a supporting role behind the scenes. This time, though, sitting front and center. For a guy that doesn't litigate, this's always interesting.

Dunno how people get anything done in hot climates; always feel lethargic and slow in the summertime. But the second it feels like fall, it's like the year's begun.

Like to teach myself something every year. Twain said that we are all stupid, just on different subjects. That's true - I hate not knowing something.

Dunno if I told you but this year, I decided to learn calculus. No real reason except I never did. Got through some into stuff - which was actually fairly interesting - then I thought I should do something a bit more practical so I turned back doing some tech studies.

Funny isn't it? The whole time I was in school, dreamed of being outta it. Now that I'm outta it, dream of being in it (especially in the fall). It's the human condition to blunt the sharp points of our memories.

Enough armchair philosophy, got an important date with an adult in a robe.

Ed note: Niggardly is completely unrelated to the racial slur, which it sounds like - the pejorative comes from Spanish/Portuguese noun negro.

Music: hell ya blew trial and tha judge gave you 25 with an L
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Monday, August 29th, 2011
9:00 am - Me, Myself and Irene (and the wife)

NYC Broadway, right before Hurricane Irene

Tenant: Hi! I think I left my window open.
Me: You're kidding me.

So Hurricane Irene came and went. Cause I live on the ground floor and manage my building, spent almost mosta Friday securing all the vacant apartments, helping clear the roof, checking the terraces, and directing alla the tenants on what to do. Some are brighter than others. Was exhausting.

My pad's flooded in the past so I was filling out sandbags for my back yard like I was living in Boise, Idaho. Actually, every place in NYC was outta sandbags but another tenant was throwing out potted plants and there was just enough dirt that I could fill several bags up and block off my door.

In the end, mosta the storm ended up being a whole lotta nuthin around me. Which is not to say it wouldn't have been a whole lotta nuthin if people didn't take the precautions they did.

Him: You filled up your bathtub? (smugly) Why don't you buy bottled water like normal people?
Me: OK, you do realize that pre-1994 toilets require 13 gallons of water to flush and that most post-1994 toilets require six, yes? And that, should we lose clean drinking water, that also means that water likely isn't clean enough to bathe in. So, while you're stinky and backed-up, I'll be fresh smelling and regular.
Him: (laughing) Good point. I only have a shower stall though.

When I was a kid, there was this massive blackout. My dad had candles, batteries, ice, and a tub fulla water. It was back during the Son of Sam days so I think my dad also had a baseball bat. Funny, I was only like four at the time, but I remember it. He told me not to play with the tub water cause we were gonna need it. Made me think that, while emergencies're never fun, it was nice going through something like it with HG.

Surprised at how many people have a zero ability to properly prepare for stuff. Most times, thing end up fine, like it did this time. But some times it doesn't. Figure that being prepped for that random chance is a good thing, regardless of outcome.

It's the stuff that y'don't see coming that should wreck you; at least there you got an excuse.

Ventured outside for just a bit before the storm. Was weird to see everything so quiet. According to FB, the local Chinese restaurant and Korean nail salon were open. We Asians're nuthin if not industrious. Mosta the garbage bins had been overturned so they wouldn't fill up with debris and rainwater. No buses, some taxis and a hand-full of delivery bikes along the roadways. Eerie.

The next day, HG and I woke up and took a walk where we met this chain-smoking blond whose boss said she hadta come in and work. Also ran into two people from my church. Made me think of that quote, Fear is forward. No one is afraid of yesterday.

The sun's out now and the air smells like fall.

Doesn't matter what befalls the City. She just gets up, dust herself off and gets back to work. People live for predictability, and NYC's nuthin if not crawling with people, so that makes sense.


Music: the sun can come back another day, rain please stay
YASYCTAI: Get back to work. (8 hours/0.5 pt)

current mood: relieved

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
9:06 am - Why I bought the HP Touchpad; Doing the Opposite Thing

HP Touchpad review pictures

Spent the last couple of days trying to land the HP Touchpad. In fact, immediately upon returning from my trip, started the process - that's how we dorks roll. For those of you that don't know/have a real life, HP spent $1.8 billion to buy the operating system for the Touchpad, started selling it like three months ago, and then abruptly dropped the whole thing.

Ended up ordering like 18 of them knowing that most would get cancelled, which they did; right now, I'm scheduled to get about three of them and this may change.

The question, of course, is Why would I buy the HP Touchpad when I already have an iPad?

The answer is that, as a $599 iPad competitor, there's no question that it's simply not as good and not worth the money. As a $150 colour eBook reader, that's a completely different story. Since I use my iPad 99.9999% of the time as a PDF and ebook reader, most of it's functionality is wasted.

So I'm thinking of just selling the iPad and using the HP Touchpad as a stopgap device until the iPad 3, or even the iPad 4, comes out.

The other reason to get it, however, is to hack it to run the Android operating system in a year or so. From everything I've read the OS on the tablet (webOS) is excellent. The problem is that there just aren't enough apps for it. For the next year, the built in Kindle App and Facebook app - the only tablet Facebook app from what I've read - coupled with the built in ebook reader and 50GB of cloud storage for life, should make it a worthwhile stopgap device for me for the next 18 and by then, a stable Android os hack should be floating around.

It's coming in a week or so, so I'll post details as it comes about.

End unabashed dweeb.

Red plastic down near Canal Street, NYC

Me: OK, I'm ready.

Her: Do you have your swim trunks?

Me: No.

Her: Do you have your hat?

Me: No.

Her: Do you have your sunglasses?

Me: No.

Her: (Shakes head)

Me: I'll go pack those right now.

Now that the vacation's over, it's back to work.

Met up with my old business buddy for some good Irish stout. He owns Cruisedirect.com, which just got listed in the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America. That puts his biz in the top 1% of all businesses in the country.

Did y'know that the Empire State Building was built in the middle of the great depression? There's this saying that Any company can be good in good times, only great companies can be good in bad times. Sometimes, doing the opposite thing of the rest of the world's the way to go.

Getting itch to start something up again and I've got a few ideas percolating.

We'll see how it goes.


Just for laughs, Google the words "Intellectual Property NYC" and then click "videos" on the left-hand side.

What do you see where you are?

Music: don't you worry, it could be so sweet

YASYCTAI: Be brave when others are wary; wary when others are brave. (lifetime/3 pts)



current mood: ambitious

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011
8:57 am - Bermuda 2011

Cloudy day in Bermuda

Me: Do you wanna...?

Her: It's Monday, Logan.

Me: Television it is.

Went with the wife for a quick trip to Bermuda last week. Normally when I go someplace, there's usually some travelogue to go with it.

This time, however, the entirety of the excursion can be summed up as follows:

  • sleep

  • eat

  • beach

  • read

  • watch Dexter

  • watch Game of Thrones

  • rum

Repeat. It was pretty cloudy and rainy the whole time but that was fine with me as it gave me an excuse to just sit inside with a drink and read.

Parta what makes the trip so relaxing is the forced lack of net access. Have to remember that.

Going to the Caribbean is like going to the Mecca of rum. Came back with almost half a suitcase worth of the stuff. Gonna need it with the way the economy's heading.

Piña colada in Bermuda

A few days before going, met up with Hazel and Gio for some drinks - it was like back when we were all single. To prep for my trip, ordered a Piña colada and the bartender insisted on putting a pink umbrella in it.

Him: That's a manly pink umbrella.

Me: It's not complete until I drink it with my pinky out.

Now it's Monday and I'm back to work. Still got sand in my bag. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing.

Beach sand in Bermuda

Logan Lo

Location: back in my apartment
Mood: content
Music: don't have time I've still got sand in my shoes

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
8:51 am - Good salesmanship is the conveyance of enthusiasm
Singer sewing machine parts

Salespeople get a bad rap. Which sucks cause every business has three parts:
  1. Research and development
  2. Operations
  3. Sales and marketing
Two outta three of those spend money but only one of them makes money. That's why its so important. The other two can slide at times but sales can never slide.

Did I ever tell you that I taught sales? Did it for a while at the Fortune 500 company where I learned that good salesmanship is the conveyance of enthusiasm.

Take my Mac computer.

Was against the mac for years until my brother and Rain - neither of whom worked for Apple nor owned Apple stock - each individually spent days (days!) espousing all the benefits of the mac. They were excited. They got me excited. Next thing you know, I'm plunking down twice what I'd spend on a PC for some shiny.

That's good salesmanship. That's the kinda salesman my dad was. That's the kinda salesman I am at heart. Those are the kinds that don't need to lie or puff, they just get you hyped up about how this product or service can make your life better cause it actually can.

When you truly believe that your product/service will make people's lives better, you cannot stop that.

So I went to see Rain with an idea I have for a show.

Him: Man, the best thing you and I did were those commercials.
Me: I know. We should do something else.


Admin note: No posts next week. Got a thingy to do and my injuries are driving me up the wall. See you in a week?

Music: bring me home to Hadestown way down to Hadestown
YASYCTAI: Do something artistic, it's good for the soul. (7 days/1 pt)

current mood: still in pain

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Monday, August 8th, 2011
9:17 am - Everything is obvious once you accept the answer
A bar in Midtown NYC

This lawyer from Spain came by with her fella the other day for a three week holiday in the States. Man, those Europeans know how to take a vacation. Brought them over to onea my fave hidden spots in the UWS, which is a bistro that's hidden on the second floor of a supermarket. They loved it.

We were gonna meet up earlier in the week but HG got sick. Not doing that hot myself cause my old injuries're flaring up again. Something about the humidity amps up the pain.

Went to wrestle the other day despite the pain. This new girl was there and I was tasked to roll with her. The coach told her before we wrestled, Don't touch his neck, he's got a really bad neck. And I reminded her of this. Three minutes inna rolling, where I'm treating her with kid gloves, of course she goes straight for my neck.

She's not a bad kid, it's just that she wants "win," whatever that means. It's a signa youth, to wanna win at all costs. She didn't learn a thing and "won" but left me sitting with a bucket of ice for the weekend. It's just stupid.

Speakinga learning things, that buddy of mine learned the exact same lesson as another buddy of ours, which is that when a relationship's damaged, it just needs time to heal. And the only way someone can get that time is by erasing one's map.

Both times with both friends, the stories played out exactly as I said they would, not cause I'm particularly bright, but cause I'd seen this movie before. Many, many times. And it always ends the same way cause no one wants that which clings.

There's this book on my reading list called Everything Is Obvious: Once You Know the Answer; think that's kinda true but in relationships it's more "Everything is obvious once you accept the answer."

D'you remember that cop from the OJ Simpson trial, Mark Fuhrman? He's that cop that apparently said "N_____r" a buncha times and was a general tool.

He wrote this book called Murder in Greenwich where he figured out this decades old murder. Took a while for people to pay attention to him but the fact that he's a racist tool has nuthin to do with the fact that he was also a good detective.

Think that's the problem when I give friends advice, they look at me and just think, Oh that's just Logan, what does he know?

But I'm not giving advice advice on baseball, derivatives, or Iranian politics - issues I know nuthin about - I'm giving advice on relationships.

On that topic, I know a few things. Moreover, got an unfair advantage cause I already know the ending.

People wanna win, no matter what, but what's really winning? That girl I rolled with won, but not with any skill and I'm injured now. My buddies got a few extra (miserable) weeks with women the loved but those relationships're in tatters.

What's winning?

I'd rather be better.


Never told you that Rain and I had a falling out a few years back. Stupid stuff as these things go. Plus few can be as vicious with the mouth as me cause I’m the skillest with my sharp objects, The killest with my blunt instruments.

I'll add that to my lista thousand regrets.

Be seeing him this Tuesday. If I end up floating in the East River, you'll know who to blame.

Music: kept my distance so you would be free

current mood: pissed off

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
8:47 am - What you think is true, what you hope is true, and what is actually true.
An apartment in the UWS, NYC

Had a really interesting few days.

Firstly, randomly walked by a buncha workers and tossed them few hundred to paint my apartment. Totally spur of the moment. Looks great.

Anywho, dunno if I ever told you but I've had a real estate broker's license since I was like 19. Some years, used it a lot; other years, not at all. Just rented a place less than 24 hours after the first showing. About half the people I showed it to said that the unit looked just like the pictures in my ad and that it was accurately described.

Which brings me to my other occupation; I work for a litigator who recently told me that, A Few Good Men jokes aside, the truth is the most powerful thing in a courtroom.

If alla my random dating has taught me anything, it's that people sense and want truth. They crave it.

They know, on some level, what's true and what's for sale.

Which then brings me to an issue I'm having with one of my oldest and dearest friends. He's got two email addresses, one personal, one work. He's asked that I use one over the other for work related matters, which I've obliged.

However, the issue's that emails to that address are never answered in a timely manner - in fact there have been several times where he's dropped the ball completely. So another email has to be sent saying, "Did you get my email?" which also goes unread resulting in a phone call. Thus a one-minute question becomes a long drawn out affair.

After the very last time he promised me that he'd set up a forward to make sure he gets emails. And again it happens. So I told him that I'd never send another email to that address.

Now he's upset with me.

Which's odd, cause he takes no responsibility for failing to follow-through, it's my fault that I now, a year later, refuse to write him there any more. He's essentially saying, "All those other times I said that I'd read them? I was totally not being honest with myself or you. But this time? This time, I'm gonna read them."

But there's a difference between the lies you tell yourself, wishful thinking without action, and the truth.

Put another way: there's a difference between what you think is true, what you hope is true, and what is actually true.

The three are not the same.


My oldest and closest friend turns 40 today. I wish you courage.

Cause with courage, coupled with hope and a dash of empathy, you've got mosta what you need to get through this life unbroken.

Friends, cold hard cash, and rum do not hurt either.

So I guess what I'm really saying is that I wish you courage, hope, empathy, friends, cold-hard cash and rum.

Actually, rum will help with most of the above.

Lemme revise my thought then; I wish you rum.

Happy getting one-year-older-but-also-one-year-better day!


Music: Come listen to my truest thoughts, my truest feelings
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Monday, August 1st, 2011
10:31 am - Proprioception / Do we have more than five senses?
Bar in midtown, NYC

Her: Well, every human has the same five senses, so...
Me: Actually, humans have a lot more than five senses, we have like 24.
Her: Why do you have to be that guy, Logan?
Me: (shrugging) You got a lotta time to read and think when no one wants to hang out with you.

As you read this, think of the tip of your right pinky finger.

You know which one that is, without looking at it. In fact, you know that your right pinky finger is not, by any means, your left index finger. You can know this without looking at either or touching either. This is called proprioception and is our ability to sense the different parts of our body in relation to each other.

Think that what causes mosta the brokenness around us is the inability for people to be empathetic; that is to say, to know the relation of ourselves to others around us.

I've got like a dozen friends that have birthdays coming up. Came to the realization that the ones that're the happiest're the ones that have that strong sense of empathy; the miserable ones're the ones that look from the inside, out versus from the outside, in.

It's the bendy versus the broken.

Said it before, one does good things not to save the world but to save ourselves.

Anywho, we can add this to our growing lista things that have the air of truth to them, but really have no truth to them at all.


Just for kicks, here are some more of the many other senses we have:
  • Spatial perception due to sound - If you hear a sound in the distance, you know if it's near or far. This is different than hearing sine you can tell is a the growl of a lion is right next to you or several yards away - a useful trick when we were all hunter/gatherers.
  • Hunger and thirst - two more senses separate from all the others
  • Time - you know, without looking at your watch/mobile, that I've just wasted some five minutes of your life you'll never get back.
For that last one, you're quite welcome.

Music: with the restoration I'm running on my feet, I never stumble as I'm falling
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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
9:14 am - Not getting shot by the authorities and seeing old friends
View of Madison Avenue sky, NYC
Her: Are you eating Cheetos at 8AM?!
Me: (Cheetos in mouth) No...?
Yesterday, had a pretty busy day; started at 7AM and didn't finish until 10:30 PM. On Tuesday nights, walk a few blocks south of my pad to go to my fencing class. Been doing it for maybe six years?

So for the past year or so, some person's been tossing a bag of dog poop in front of my building. Asked onea the next door doormen to keep and eye out for who it was. Stepping out last night, the doorman points to a woman walking down the street with a dog and then another bag of poop in font of my door.

"That's her," he says and without thinking, I give chase.

Catching up to her, she turns to me and I realize three things:
  1. She's old. And tiny.
  2. I'm carrying a large weapon (for my fencing class).
  3. I'm sweaty, breathless, and angry.

This is how people get shot by passing police officers. Also I realized that yelling at her wouldn't do any good. So instead:

Me: Hello, my name is Logan. Can I go to your apartment to dry off?
Her: What? No. I don't know you.
Me: Fair enough. But I know you. You see every week for a year, I pick up a bag of dog poop you toss in front of my building. So I figure that that's earned me at least the right to go up to your apartment, dry off, and maybe get a cuppa tea, don't you?

She turned bright red and started to apologize - well, more blamed the city for not putting trashcans everywhere and THEN started to apologize. After a few more words, she came back to my apartment, picked up the poop, apologized again, and said I was a nice young man.

Seriously have no idea how some people're raised. Animals, they are.

Admit that screaming at her woulda made me feel better; but I think getting what you actually want in life's more important. Hopefully, that's the last bag of dog poop I'll have to pick up in a while.

Plus, did not get shot by the authorities, so a net-net win, I'd say.


FemaleFriend1: I know you're not, but if you did cross over, who would you want?
FemaleFriend2: Kim Kardashian.
Me: (laguhing) As a dude, I totally respect your dudeness!
FemaleFriend1: What about you?
Me: (thinking) Hmm, Brad Pitt?
FemaleFriend3: Really?
Me: (scoffing) Oh, I could totally get a Brad Pitt.

Met up with a buncha co-workers I've not seen in a while. Only have two real comments on that:

  1. Seeing old friends is always good cause not just cause you see people you've not seen in a while, you get to hang out with a version of yourself you've not seen in a while either.
  2. Traveling 30 mins outta the city, the price of a rum and diet coke drops to a third of what you pay in the city.

Note to self, move outta the city (someday).

Music: red is the colour of the sun with my eyes closed
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Monday, July 25th, 2011
9:06 am - Everyone's got an opinion on something
View of Bryant Park Grill, NYC

The thing about the wired everything's that everyone's got an opinion that they feel's crucially important for people to hear. Won't lie, I've got my own opinions about the world. But the thing is that I know my opinion's merely my own; for the most part, this here blog's for me and my own purposes.

I mean, who am I to tell people what to do?

But you have people like this nutcase in Norway who kill 92+ people (mostly unarmed kids) cause he's a got a goddamned opinion that he thinks is more than just that, an opinion. He wants his opinion to rule over others.

The need to feel important, to matter, is an overwhelming one for someone that feels that they somehow are.

The people that're certain they're right, that only they hold the keys to the kingdom, are the ones that make me the most worried.


It's been hot here in the big city. 100 degrees in the shade hot. It's hard to stay focused when all I wanna do's lie down in some air conditioned room.

Been writing a lot. Forced myself to put down my manuscript to work on something else. This fella named Paul Valery once said that A poem is never finished, only abandoned. Think the same is true of any writing.

I was just thinking the other day that


Music: you went back to what you knew
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Monday, July 18th, 2011
9:14 am - Quiet summer weekends in New York City

View of Bryant Park Grill, NYC

Friday had lotsa meetings lined up, onea which was with an old work associate. Ended up being a three hour meeting. In a nutshell, he got screwed. I'd fight hard for any client but even more so when it's a friend.

As an odd twist, on an unrelated point, his old boss was the CEO of a Fortune 100 company - and a kid that I went to elementary and junior high school with. We both knew each other because we were in the nerd group. It's like being in the cool group except the complete opposite of everything and no one calls you except to get homework assignments.

Me: Tell him you know Fatlogan.
Him: They really called you that?
Me: (laughing) That or Whaleboy. Ask him and see. He'll remember me only because I was the second fattest kid in the whole school and always wore the same four shirts.

I wonder if he talks like a kid from Queens.

Afterward, my boss and I grabbed some food and rum over at The Bryant Park Grill. Then more rum at the Cellar Bar. And then more rum at Salute. He thinks I'm good at what I do. It's nice to hear. Even nicer when there's rum involved.

Two glasses of water at Bryant Park Grill, NYC

Saturday, HG and I rented a whip and made it out to Staten Island for some family stuff. Spoke to HG's cousin for a bit.

Her: I think that when people have kids, they'll be a lot like they were.
Me: Then that means my kids'll be pantsed a lot.

It was a nice drive there and back. Afterward, the wife and stopped by to get some frozen yoghurt at a new joint down from us called 16 Handles. Afterward, we lumbered home.

Me: It was a nice weekend.
Her: It was. But it's good to be home.

Glass of rum on the rocks with a thick slice of orange at Salute! NYC

Music: the future could it be the good old days
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